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It’s Spring!

275. It’s Spring

March 20th—the vernal equinox. Vernal means occurring in the spring. Equinox comes from Latin words meaning equal night. Day and night are approximately equal everywhere. It’s the first day of spring, and I write of:

Spring Cleaning

let’s forget the house, God

and all the dusty corners

the smudged windows

dirty oven and

cluttered spaces

instead, help me open

the window on my time

and feel the freshness

of a day well spent

as a calendar spurs me

to straighten the closets

could you spur me God

to clear out bad habits

like eating when I’m not hungry

or “putting off” when I could

just go ahead and “do”

O God of March winds

and April rains

I think together we could

blow new air into my living

and scrub my soul

until it shines

© Copyright 2003 by Ann Freeman Price

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