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Longest Night of All the Year

186. Longest Night of All the Year

It is the Winter Solstice and this is the day for the hymn that ends with light. This can be sung to the tune of “Jesus, Lover of My Soul.”

Longest Night of All the Year

Longest night of all the year,

Heaviness spreads out its fear,

Darkness drifts into each space

Waiting for some sign of grace.

Light leaks through the curtain of night,

Giving promises of sight.

Where is hope? Where does hope live?

Where is the peace hope has to give?

Now the turning will begin,

Days grow longer—light will win,

Deep despair within the heart

Finds that release begins to start.

Darkest night melts into dawn

Granting strength to travel on.

God who holds each one so near,

Whispers clearly, “Do not fear.”

See the candle flames burn long,

Hear the promise; sing the song.

Love is all around—hold on

To the faith that makes one strong.

Sense within each day mystery,

What is past and what is to be.

Reach for love—God’s gift to you—

Bathed in the light that’s breaking through.

© Copyright 2011 Ann Freeman Price

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